What can I expect?

What are Others Saying About Transformational Christian Life Coaching?

I am so grateful that I had six sessions with Caran. She is kind and wants to listen to every word I say. I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and experiences with her, and I learned so much about myself through the sessions. She really opened my eyes and helped me see how I can change my way of thinking to tackle my problems.

A. D. | Stay at Home Mom | British Columbia

Working with Caran has been a wonderful experience. I felt very safe and heard in all of our meetings. She asks just the right questions to help me process and think through different aspects of my life.

B. D. | Homemaker | British Columbia

I had an opportunity to participate in Caran’s workshop, Hearing God’s Voice, and I’m so grateful I decided to show up. It exceeded my expectations and challenged me to deepen my relationship with God and learn to listen in new and meaningful ways.

A.R. | Office Administrator | British Columbia

I worked with Caran to sharpen my skills and work towards being the best version of me. It has been challenging in the very best ways and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Jen | Homemaker and Volunteer | Arizona

I have a hard time making tangible plans in order to achieve my goals, which has made me discouraged and frustrated with myself at times. Caran helped me express my plans and goals clearly and helped me figure out how to make my dream come true. It wasn’t an easy process, but Caran was with me and guided me to find my own way. Caran’s questions were like a compass in the middle of the ocean.

J. L. | Missionary | British Columbia

I started coaching because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, spiritually and otherwise, and I didn’t have the self control or know-how to get back on track. My sessions with Caran helped me set aside time to prioritize my journey. She continued to point me to Jesus and encouraged me to rely on him—not her—for my help and guidance. While not all of my problems have disappeared, my perspective has shifted and I feel lighter. I’ve been reminded to take things to the Lord, knowing that he cares for me in each situation. We can all use soul care coaching at multiple junctions in our lives.

Coaching Client | College Faculty | British Columbia

Caran is constantly reminding me that God is unfailing and God is love. I really feel blessed having been connected with Caran. She is an awesome person living for God. The exercises and praying are so helpful. As a result of working with Caran, I have overcome certain obstacles that kept me feeling stuck. I look forward to working with Caran more in the future.

Marie | Veteran | Louisiana

Caran has so much knowledge and is very helpful and insightful as she walks you through each session. She always leads the conversation to Jesus and where He might be or what He might have to say about the subject. It is clear that she has a strong desire for herself and others to gain a deeper spiritual connection with God through spending time with Him in prayer (especially listening prayer) and studying His word, the Bible. 


She is very intuitive and asks relevant, guiding questions which made me feel comfortable and safe both while we were meeting in person and also when we were meeting on zoom. Caran is very present and great at helping me to focus on what I want to work on. I saw great progress in the program that I completed with Caran as well as other sessions we have had since. Our times have been especially comforting as she walks alongside me in a harder season of grieving that I am currently in. Caran is wonderful and I highly recommend her as a coach.

J. H. | Children’s Pastor | British Columbia